The Goals and Objectives of the Alumni Association are as follows:

1. Establish a database for communicating with alumni.

2. Periodically organize and sponsor alumni functions.

3. Participate at annual graduation ceremonies.

4. Assist with the selection of City High Hall of Fame members.

5. Raise funds for scholarships and other needs at City High.

6. Work with staff and students on a mentoring program.

7. Assist current students with career guidance.

8. Provide a network of communication among alumni.

9. Inform alumni of activities at City High.

History of the CHAA

In the summer of 1996, as Principal Trudy Day was preparing for her first year as principal of City High, she recognized the strong tradition at City High and the equally strong support of its graduates.  She asked the president of the PSTO to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to meet with her to explore ways to use this support to enrich City High School.

A steering committee of graduates was named, and in September 1996 alums Mike Cilek '66, Patty Grabinski '70, Terrence Neuzil '88, and Jim Sangster '47 met with Principal Day.  At this time, she outlined her desire to send a series of newsletters to City High alumni.  Jim Sangster was selected to organize a committee to gather class lists and addresses and to form an alumni association.

In 1997, the City High Alumni Association was formed and the goals and bylaws of the organization were proposed. 

Currently, the City High Alumni Association maintains a database of over 15,000 alumni records.· With this database, the association communicates with alumni through printed and electronic communication.· They also aid organizers from respective classes in planning class reunions.·

The City High Alumni Association supports the current students at City High by helping to fund the annual Homecoming Activities as well as raising and donating funds for physical plant projects on the campus that have been identified by the administration. Annually, the Association awards three graduating senior with a $1000 scholarship for outstanding volunteer activity.