Alumni Board

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Alma Greene 1953 Member Events 
Bill Blanchard 1964 Secretary Events 
Bob Dane 1966 Member Sales & Marketing 
Brad Seaton 1994 Member Events, Sales & Marketing 
Brian Kirschling 1991 Committee Leader Events, Nominating, Scholarships 
Cheri Tucker 1989 Treasurer, Committee Leader Sales & Marketing, Finance, Nominating, Scholarships 
Corey Connell 2000 Member  
Dick Evans 1973 Member Nominating 
Gene Vineyard 1962 Member  
Jane Green 1971 Committee Leader Events 
John Bacon 1992 Principal  
John Balmer 1967 Member  
Linda Fobian 1974 Member Events 
Mackie Gable McCord 2006 Member  
Matt Hayek 1988 Member Nominating, Scholarships 
Mitch Price 1997 Member  
Molly Dietz 1997 President Sales, Finance, Events 
Patty Grabinski 1970 VP, Committee Leader Events, Nominating, Sales & Marketing 
Taylor Reyhons 2013 Member Events, Nominating, Scholarships 
Vince Woolums 1993 Member Sales & Marketing 
Showing 20 items